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  • How can brands connect with audiences in day-to-day life?
  • How can brands connect with audiences in day-to-day life?
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What makes a perfect brand partnership?

Brands have played an important role in maintaining a sense of normality throughout 2020. But with many events paused and daily routines upheaved, connecting with audiences has been challenging out of the home. How can brands adapt partnerships and messaging to shifting habits and values?

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From the Tokyo Olympics and the UEFA European Championship to the postponed releases of countless blockbuster films, 2020 silenced huge cultural moments and effectively halted major brand activations. While it was predicted that spending on sports sponsorship alone would rise by 5% in 2020, a study carried out following the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic forecast a 37% year-on-year decline, with worldwide spending falling from a potential $48.8 billion to just $28.9 billion. [1] As advertising opportunities across the globe disappeared, brands had to react, rethink, and refresh their approach to sponsorships to survive.

“Suddenly, events ...



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