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  • How is Acid League tapping into our desire to experiment with flavors?
  • How is Acid League tapping into our desire to experiment with flavors?
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Acid League: sour food with soul

As people look to food for wellness and as a source of control, they’re getting increasingly experimental in their consumption decisions. Acid League is a connoisseur of acid, offering a collection that caters to a growing taste for sour with fermented vinegars and tasting kits.

Location United States

Acid League is giving vinegar a makeover. Its concoctions are aimed at people who love flavor but have grown bored with the status quo. Forget plain old red and white wine vinegar, Acid League serves up a smorgasbord of living vinegars, drinking vinegars, and what it calls ‘experimental editions’ of fermented sauces, pickles, and liquors.





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