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  • Why are people flocking to virtual worlds for entertainment?
  • Why are people flocking to virtual worlds for entertainment?
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2021 Expert Outlook on Media and Entertainment

Is gaming set to take over people’s free time? What are the limits of virtual reality? How have media producers adapted to pandemic-inspired needs? In this part of the 2021 Expert Outlook, we speak to four experts about how people are finding both solace and escapism through screens.

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Faced with an unprecedented crisis in 2020, brands in media and entertainment have shown remarkable resilience as they continued to keep people occupied and energised during lockdowns while also switching up their modes of delivery at remarkable speed. The mass digitisation that brought viewers everything from online award shows to virtual festivals and in-game concerts has set the stage for new forms of fan engagement in 2021.

The next year will also see a continuation of blended entertainment media, where music, TV, and gaming become increasingly integrated as stars and ...



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    Tremors: inclusive club culture

    Gen Zers are increasingly blurring the distinction between their online personas and IRL lives. Catering to this, Tremors has emerged as an exciting club night where revellers can take their online avatars out into the real world and interact with each other in a supportive space.

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    Is digital-first fandom the new state of play?

    With most live games cancelled and major international tournaments postponed, many sports fans sought out digital alternatives while COVID-19 kept them in their homes. As lockdown measures end and play resumes, which elements of virtual fandom are likely to stick around post-pandemic?

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    What does escapism look like in a pandemic?

    With people spending more time at home, they’re turning to entertainment to break the monotony of the everyday and channel their anxiety into something more hands-on. But can escapism really help people feel more empowered? And how do they want brands to speak to them during a pandemic?

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    Have we become passive music listeners?

    Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal – all offer playlists that are curated to users’ individual preferences. But are we taking notice of the music we consume on a daily basis or are algorithms pushing us into echo chambers that dramatically alter our tastes to enjoy more of the same?