Have we become passive music listeners?
17 Feb 2020
Have we become passive music listeners?

Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal – all offer playlists that are curated to users’ individual preferences. But are we taking notice of the music we consume on a daily basis or are algorithms pushing us into echo chambers that dramatically alter our tastes to enjoy more of the same?

Matthew Green

Matthew Green is the co-founder of Lapsang House and runs marketing campaigns at Eat Your Own Ears.

Ethan Beer

Ethan Beer is the promotions manager at Kartel Music Group, providing integrated solutions for marketing, campaign management, distribution, and business services.

Bryony Holdsworth

Bryony Holdsworth is an account manager for Outpost Media, which specialises in running effective online, print, and radio campaigns for artists in the music industry. She is also a writer, regularly contributing to music and culture sites such as The Line of Best Fit and PYLOT Magazine.