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  • How did COVID-19 intensify Britons’ love of takeaways?
  • How did COVID-19 intensify Britons’ love of takeaways?
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Why ordering a takeaway became a civic duty

Besides an August of dining out on the government subsidy, takeaways are a mainstay of pandemic life. These comforting treats aren’t just a break from the dishes, but a way to spend locally without leaving the sofa. So how are delivered meals transforming taste and brand affiliation in the UK?

Location United Kingdom

If you’re living in the UK, you probably didn’t need Snoop Dogg’s catchy Just Eat advert to have takeout on your mind. [1] Even before COVID-19, Brits were ordering in food at record levels. At the beginning of 2019 it was reported that the UK takeaway sector was growing faster than any other, with 7.5 billion food deliveries made in the previous year, indicating a 39% growth since 2016. [2] The convenience that takeaway food offers has resulted in a growing number of Londoners boosting their expenditure on it to an average of £709 in 2019, ...



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    French society is famously food-centric, with long lunches and pre-dinner drinks forming part of daily rituals. But with COVID-19 having confined people to their homes, dining habits have had to change as a necessity. How might the crisis reshape mealtime behaviours in the long term?

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    Most people can relate to the bristling emotional discord that hits around mealtimes, but what exactly causes us to feel ‘hangry’? Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Jennifer MacCormack, a social psychologist at the University of Pittsburgh, to understand why hunger brings out the worst in us.

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    COVID-19 has fostered an environment that has not only raised the desire to drink, but the desire to do so creatively. As lockdown measures cause Britons’ booze behaviours to shift, how can spirits brands reach them at home? And how can bars adapt to changed expectations in the ‘new normal’?

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    While takeaways are often a go-to for time-pressed families, they’re not known for being healthy. Medleys is looking to change that, with a food-delivery service that focuses on nutrition but doesn’t compromise on taste – all at family-friendly prices, it’s indulgence without any guilt.