Why French foodies are rethinking takeaways
30 Jul 2020
Why French foodies are rethinking takeaways

French society is famously food-centric, with long lunches and pre-dinner drinks forming part of daily rituals. But with COVID-19 having confined people to their homes, dining habits have had to change as a necessity. How might the crisis reshape mealtime behaviours in the long term?

Glyn Atwal

Dr Glyn Atwal is an associate professor of marketing at the Burgundy School of Business in France. Glyn is a co-author of Luxury Brands in China and India (Palgrave Macmillan).

Loïc Bienassis

Loïc Bienassis is a historian of food at the Institut Européen d’Histoire et des Cultures de l’Alimentation. He has edited and contributed to numerous books on French food culture, including the definitive reference work Le Repas Gastronomique des Français (Gallimard, 2015), and was involved in the inscription of the French gastronomic meal on the UNESCO Intangible World Heritage List.

Mihaela Bonescu

Mihaela Bonescu is an associate professor of marketing and communication at the Burgundy School of Business. Her research on eating habits and food branding has extensively explored the importance of conviviality in French social life.

Sylvain Zaffaroni

Sylvain Zaffaroni is the co-founder of Pour Nourrir Demain, an organisation that promotes sustainability and best practices in the French food industry. Their white paper on food-buying habits after confinement is currently available on the Pour Nourrir Demain

Maya Kaiser

Maya Kaiser is a copywriter and researcher with a PhD in socio-cultural anthropology. She writes about identity, cross-cultural marketing, and internet context collapse, and can be found tweeting @MayaKaiserMILK.