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  • What do Americans want to see on their social feeds?
  • What do Americans want to see on their social feeds?
    Kevin Turcios (2020) ©

What value do Americans find in social media?

Whether to stay connected, informed, or distracted, social media plays multiple roles in people’s day-to-day lives – and it’s proving especially useful during the COVID-19 crisis. Canvas8 polled 1,000 Americans and spoke to nine people to find out what they want from these platforms and why.

Location United States

From the World Health Organization fighting misinformation on TikTok to employees calling out their companies for disingenuous displays of diversity, social media got decidedly more serious in 2020. In the US, amid the COVID-19 pandemic and racial justice protests, Facebook users seem to have lost their taste for ‘soft news’. Lighter content, such as videos of cute pets and pop culture updates, usually account for over half of most engaged-with stories on Facebook, but only 14 of the top stories analyzed by NewsWhip between April and June fit into this category. [1]



  • Article image Ignorance is bliss! The science of the ostrich effect

    Whether it’s exam results or election updates, people aren’t always eager to find out new information, instead finding solace in the unknown. Canvas8 spoke to Emily Ho, a research assistant professor at Northwestern University, to understand why some people choose to be blissfully ignorant.

  • Gen Zers process COVID-19 angst with funny memes Gen Zers process COVID-19 angst with funny memes

    With their graduations being conducted over Zoom, job hunts on hold, and socializing restricted, Gen Zers are in something of a life limbo. In this context, humorous and absurdist meme culture is connecting them with one another, giving them an outlet for processing anxieties around the pandemic.

  • Article image What do people want from the media in anxious times?

    In the middle of a pandemic, Americans are scrambling to keep abreast of the headlines – and stay sane while doing so. How can people stay informed while maintaining their mental health? And what else, besides objective information, can the media offer to those stuck at home?

  • Article image Why do our digital worlds give us mixed feelings?

    Social media has the ability to send its users into a spiral of self-pity one day and transform their lives through the power of community the next. Canvas8 spoke to Sarah Raphael, co-author of Mixed Feelings, about our love-hate relationship with social media and what this means for brands.