What do people want from the media in anxious times?
30 Apr 2020
What do people want from the media in anxious times?

In the middle of a pandemic, Americans are scrambling to keep abreast of the headlines – and stay sane while doing so. How can people stay informed while maintaining their mental health? And what else, besides objective information, can the media offer to those stuck at home?

Daniel Hallin

Daniel Hallin is a professor of communications at the University of California, San Diego, where he specializes in news media, media and politics, media and war, media and public health, the history of journalistic professionalism, and comparative media systems. He holds a PhD in political science from UC Berkeley and has published numerous books, with his latest examining the relationship between media and medicine.

Seán Dagan Wood

Seán Dagan Wood is the CEO of Positive News, an online and print publication focused on constructive journalism. He also co-founded the Constructive Journalism Project and speaks internationally on constructive journalism and media innovation.

Erin Levitsky

Erin Levitsky is based in Toronto, where she is equal parts writer and photography curator. Her background is in media theory, technoculture, and photography history and preservation.