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  • How are Tremors’ club nights blending digital and IRL worlds?
  • How are Tremors’ club nights blending digital and IRL worlds?
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Tremors: inclusive club culture

Gen Zers are increasingly blurring the distinction between their online personas and IRL lives. Catering to this, Tremors has emerged as an exciting club night where revellers can take their online avatars out into the real world and interact with each other in a supportive space.

Location United Kingdom

In an increasingly digital-first landscape, the line between the internet and the real world has never been more blurred. Lockdown has seen many of us increase our time spent online, heightening the intersectionality of our offline and virtual identities. But for creative collective Tremors, the binary between real and more liminal digital spaces has long been eroded. “Tremors, in its present form, started as an online collective of artists experimenting with 3D game engines, 3D scanning, AfterEffects, hologram installations, fashion films, avatars, club nights, performance art, and music that emotionally resonated with them on a personal level, ...



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