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  • How is #monpostpartum helping women destigmatise childbirth?
  • How is #monpostpartum helping women destigmatise childbirth?
    Jonathan Borba (2019) ©

How are women normalising post-birth bodies?

Across social media platforms, French women are using the hashtag #monpostpartum to share stories about childbirth and their recovering bodies. As the body positivity movement gains traction in France, how can brands step in to support women and to normalise the physical changes a baby brings?

Location France

In February 2020, an ad for Frida Mom’s postpartum products was banned from being shown during the Oscars on an American TV network. [1] The ad was a raw, unfiltered look at the postpartum experience, showing a new mother struggling to use the toilet after her episiotomy, as her baby cries in the background. In response, French-Israeli researcher Illana Weizman launched the hashtag #monpostpartum to encourage women to share their experiences and fight against postpartum body-shaming. For many women, the postpartum period is painful, frightening, and lonely. Caring for an infant who demands all ...



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