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  • How can apps help children to cope with bereavement?
  • How can apps help children to cope with bereavement?
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Apart of Me: guiding young people through their grief

Children and young people who have experienced loss often need bespoke help to start to heal from their trauma. Offering children a digital sanctuary to escape to when the real world becomes too much, Apart of Me is an app where they can explore, engage with, and navigate their grief.

Location Global / Northern Europe

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is a heavy burden, but can be especially difficult for children. When the real world gets too much, we all like to retreat online, and for those who have experienced trauma, finding a digital sanctuary can be even more essential. The app Apart of Me aims to fill this need by offering an escape for Gen Zers and Alphas who have experienced loss to help them get in touch with how they are feeling.





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