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  • What’s driving the local and global success of Nigerian entertainment?
  • What’s driving the local and global success of Nigerian entertainment?
    Obafemi Moyosade (2018) ©

How are Nigerians being entertained in 2019?

Bolstered by the rise of online streaming and a growing youth population, the media and entertainment scene in Nigeria is taking the country – and the rest of the world – by storm. How has the nation’s pop cultural landscape changed and what’s keeping young Nigerians entertained?

Location Nigeria

The Nigerian entertainment industry is thriving. In the first half of 2019, more than 3.1 billion nairas (roughly $8.5 million) was spent at cinemas nationwide, reflecting the buoyancy of the film industry. [1] But the sector’s success goes beyond the box office as the internet has helped fuel new services and foster large audiences across the diaspora. With an annual growth rate of 13.4%, the Nigerian music industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world and, according to the IMF, the film business is the second-biggest employer in the country. [2][3] 

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