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  • Shame are leading the British punk renaissance
  • Shame are leading the British punk renaissance
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Shame: punk voices tap into activist youth

Shame are the post-punk band leveraging collective action to reflect a new punk attitude among Gen Z Britons. Anything but apathetic, their angst-ridden music playfully, straightforwardly, and unapologetically articulates a generational frustration with the establishment.

Location United Kingdom

Looking at the Gen Z punk icons of today, Johnny Rotten would likely surmise that today’s bands are lamentably tame. Yet as a generation, British Zers are highly politically engaged – 73% Gen Zers say being politically or socially engaged is very important to their identity. [1] As the recent climate change school walkouts demonstrate, this is a generation unafraid to stand up for its beliefs. Yes, they’re anti-establishment, but not in the provocative, destructive guise of their predecessors.





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