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  • How is the beautiful game becoming more inclusive?
  • How is the beautiful game becoming more inclusive?
    Jeffrey F Lin (2019) ©

What’s driving women’s football to new heights?

From record viewing figures and specifically-designed World Cup kits to high-profile sponsorship deals with the likes of Barclays and Nike, a seismic shift is underway in women’s football. What’s driving this momentum and what are the emerging opportunities around the women’s game?

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March 2019 was a significant month for the profile of women’s football. On International Women’s Day (the 8th), the American national team filed a lawsuit against US Soccer for allegations of gender discrimination just as Adidas announced it would give sponsored players on the Women’s World Cup-winning squad the same bonus it paid out to their male counterparts in 2018. [1] Over the subsequent weeks, Nike unveiled 14 World Cup kits that were – for the first time – specifically-designed for women, and the English FA unveiled Barclays as the first sponsor of the newly professional Women’s ...



  • Budweiser scores as first women's football sponsor Budweiser scores as first women's football sponsor

    Budweiser is throwing its weight behind the England Women’s football team as an official partner, marking the first ever sponsorship of women’s football. With the sport's coverage growing, brands are capitalising on sponsorship opportunities in advance of the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup.

  • Article image How football is bringing UK communities together

    Between diplomatic concerns ahead of the World Cup in Russia, human rights abuses in 2022 host nation Qatar, and allegations of corruption within FIFA, the beautiful game has plenty of problems. But how is football being used to tackle social issues and bring communities together in Britain?

  • Man Utd plays catch up to female football boom Man Utd plays catch up to female football boom

    The entrenched gendered bias in football is slowly beginning to fade, as the world's biggest clubs are beginning to level the playing field. Manchester United FC has announced plans for a senior women’s professional football team to compete in the 2018/19 season.

  • Article image Why tennis is the most empowering female sport

    Women’s tennis is the most high-profile female sport in the world, with pro players earning more prize money and media attention than other female athletes. But what makes tennis so different from soccer or basketball for women? And how can other sports expand their appeal?