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  • How can companies engage men with inclusion initiatives?
  • How can companies engage men with inclusion initiatives?
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Why companies should get men engaged in diversity

When men are involved in gender diversity in the workplace, 96% of companies report progress. How can companies encourage men to engage with gender inclusion? Canvas8 sat down with  Sandra Ondraschek-Norris of Catalyst Europe to understand how employee engagement benefits everyone.

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Movements such as #MeToo, #PressForProgress and #TimesUp have spurred conversations around gender discrimination – 56% of people say these movements have made gender equality a more prominent issue. [1] But many people feel that workplaces are lagging behind – women account for just 6.4% of CEOs at Fortune 500 companies. [2]

Progress has been made, but we are still on the journey towards equality. Eight out of 10 UK women say gender discrimination occurs in the workplace, with almost a third saying that it is inherent. [3] “We need to stop pretending that ...



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    Why organisations should invest in diversity

    Gen Z may be the most diverse generation yet, but minority groups in the UK and US continue to face discrimination – so developing effective ways to include disadvantaged groups is more pressing than ever. Canvas8 spoke to June Sarpong, author of Diversify, to uncover the benefits of inclusivity.

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    What do women want from an empowering brand?

    While nearly half of women say they prefer to buy from companies that challenge gender stereotypes, branded feminism in the form of pink-washed products and #girlpower hashtags is often seen as insensitive and unimpressive. So, how can marketers empower women in an authentic way?

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    Guy Stuff: getting boys to open up about puberty

    Puberty can be confusing, and information is often lacking – 30% of young people say that they didn’t learn enough about how their body changes during adolescence. Covering everything from beards to bullying to what's happening ‘down there’, Guy Stuff is a book that's providing support for boys.

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    Manny & Me: a new kind of male role model

    The number of men becoming ‘mannies’ in the UK doubled between 2009 and 2016, but at just 3.1%, that still leaves professional male child carers in the minority. Hoping to change that is Manny and Me – an agency that provides mannies who double up as tutors and sports coaches.