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  • How is the conversation around sugar shifting Down Under?
  • How is the conversation around sugar shifting Down Under?
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How Aussies are shaking their sugar habit

Amid growing health concerns, many Australians are cutting back on sugar, with 24% of them following a diet that restricts their intake. How are they satisfying their craving for a sweet sensation without resorting to artificial alternatives like aspartame that are often regarded with suspicion?

Location Australia

As the country’s second largest export crop after wheat, sugar is a key ingredient in the Australian economy. [1] Annually, more than 4,400 farms yield up to 35 million tonnes of sugar cane, from which roughly 4.5 million tonnes of raw sugar is extracted. [2] Yet amid growing health concerns, there is a push for a UK-style tax on the sweet substance to help curb the nation’s obesity problem; in 2014/15, nearly two-thirds of Aussies were overweight or obese. [3]

“A single can of cola has nine teaspoons of sugar in it. Other ...



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