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  • Tech giants are finding that their goodwill is running out
  • Tech giants are finding that their goodwill is running out
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Why don’t people trust big tech any more?

Web giants such as Facebook and Google have woven themselves into billions of lives, but countless controversies over the years have a growing number of users questioning if they can trust these companies. How are data breaches and fake news changing people’s relationships with big tech?

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In March 2018, when news broke that Cambridge Analytica had amassed the personal data of over 50 million unknowing Facebook users (with that figure later revealed to be as high as 87 million), privacy concerns about the social network shot to the forefront of international conversation. This scandal was no ordinary breach – because Cambridge Analytica did political consulting work for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, it was directly tied to one of the most polarising political events in recent years. [1]

For many, the scandal confirmed a hunch that the company’s dealings in ‘friendship’ and ‘likes’ were ...



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    Vero: ad-free social media that puts privacy first

    Privacy concerns and ad-dominated feeds have mainstream social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram facing a ‘trust crisis’. Subscription-based platform Vero offers an alternative with the promise of transparency and control – but is it so different from established industry giants?

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    Where do people place their trust?

    In the wake of the steepest drop in trust in recent history, established business, media, and government institutions are being eyed with suspicion. Canvas8 spoke with Rachel Botsman, author of Who Can You Trust?, to understand who holds sway in the midst of a global trust implosion.

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    How can people be persuaded to part with their data?

    From May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation will mean that if companies want to retain info from people in the UK and EU on their databases, they’ll need to persuade them to opt in. So, how can brands convince those who are protective of their privacy to tick the ‘sign me up’ box?

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    How can brands destigmatise data mining?

    With every Google search, Amazon purchase and Facebook like, you generate a digital profile of your habits and interests for advertisers to target. It may seem invasive, but selling personal data is necessary to maintain free online services – so how can brands de-stigmatise the use of this info?