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  • How does Instagram make new mums more anxious?
  • How does Instagram make new mums more anxious?
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Is Instagram a positive platform for new mums?

With more than 90% of US mums using Instagram at least once a week, parents are certainly active on Insta. But what emotional impact is it having? We reached out to four experts to understand how scrolling through squares and Stories can be a positive (and negative) experience for new mums.

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Instagram can be a contradictory platform for new mums. On one hand, there are empowering and intimate pics of post-pregnancy bodies showing caesarean scars and stretch marks from the likes of British mum Emily Marson, but keep scrolling and you’ll find snaps of Kylie Jenner’s ‘yummy mummy’ makeover and her incredible post-baby body just a month after giving birth. With a mix of ‘gritty’ and ‘polished’ sitting side-by-side, is Instagram a positive or negative place for new mums? And who is really in control of the impact those squares and Stories have on women ...



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    The UK’s NCT has long provided new parents with expert info and a route to a new set of pals. But the pricey classes and ideological zealotry mean that many mums are after an alternative. Enter Peanut, which applies a Tinder-like model to friendship, easing anxieties at this stressful life stage.

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    While nearly half of women say they prefer to buy from companies that challenge gender stereotypes, branded feminism in the form of pink-washed products and #girlpower hashtags is often seen as insensitive and unimpressive. So, how can marketers empower women in an authentic way?

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    Would you judge a parent for serving fish fingers at tea time? After the Daily Mail shamed so-called 'slummy mummies' for blogging about the difficulties of parenting, Birds Eye Fish Fingers has come out to support these parents, with its own #Solidaritea ad.

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    Between dirty nappies, sleepless nights and screaming kids, being a parent is tough. This is a time when having a good support network is key, but 82% of mums find it difficult to make friends. Enter Hello Mamas, a social networking platform that connects mothers in a bid to form friendships.