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  • Can tech simplify America's confusing healthcare system?
  • Can tech simplify America's confusing healthcare system?
    Sebastiaan Ter Burg, Creative Commons (2017) ©

How is health tech improving America’s wellbeing?

With a thousands of ways to improve the American healthcare system, big tech names, from Uber to Amazon, are stepping in to provide better access, while startups are providing alternatives to traditional care. But do people really want to see a Silicon Valley ethos applied to medical care?

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What comes to mind when you think of the American healthcare system? A massive bureaucratic labyrinth, a broken system, confusing, expensive, or all of the above? Plenty of research details the numerous ways the US healthcare system needs to be improved, from patient care and paying for healthcare to how patient data is stored and accessed. The healthcare system’s deficiencies and how to improve them were a large focus during the last presidential election and continues to be a hot-button issue in today’s political climate.

The great need for improvement translates to a myriad of opportunities for companies to ...



  • Article image Forward: a subscription for tech-led healthcare

    The American healthcare system could certainly use some improvements to make it cheaper and more effective. But rather than trying to fix a flawed model, Forward is taking an entirely new approach, focusing on tech-led proactive and preventative care through a subscription service.

  • Article image ScriptPath: helping patients stick to their meds

    Americans are taking more prescription medications than ever before – but forgetfulness and ignorance lead many people to take them at the wrong times, in the wrong amounts, or not at all. CVS’ ScriptPath system aims to help patients by simplifying and organizing dosing schedules.

  • Article image Why are Americans adopting alternative remedies?

    Wellness brand Goop has come under fire for peddling ‘alternative medicine’ with pseudoscientific claims – yet the backlash had little effect on fans. Amid increasingly unaffordable healthcare and falling pharmaceutical trust, how are unconventional remedies giving people a sense of control?

  • Article image What’s that rash? The science of healthy Googling

    Although 72% of US internet users search for health info online, just 12% can adequately evaluate what they find. Canvas8 spoke with Amy Armstrong-Heimsoth and Melissa Johnson, co-authors of research about a health literacy programme, to learn how people can improve their Googling.