What’s that rash? The science of healthy Googling
15 Sep 2017
What’s that rash? The science of healthy Googling

Although 72% of US internet users search for health info online, just 12% can adequately evaluate what they find. Canvas8 spoke with Amy Armstrong-Heimsoth and Melissa Johnson, co-authors of research about a health literacy programme, to learn how people can improve their Googling.

Amy Armstrong-Heimsoth

Amy Armstrong-Heimsoth is an occupational therapist and an Assistant Clinical Professor for the Department of Occupational Therapy at Northern Arizona University. Her research interests include neurodevelopmental disabilities, infant motor and sensory development, paediatric practitioners’ practice patterns and beliefs, parent empowerment through education, health literacy and digital literacy.

Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson is a Health Sciences Librarian at Northern Arizona University’s Phoenix Biomedical Campus. Her research interests include intersections between user interface design, consumer health information and digital literacy, and information accessibility.