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  • A treasure hunt in augmented reality
  • A treasure hunt in augmented reality
    Krists Luhaers, Creative Commons (2017) ©

Snatch: hooking mobile gamers with real life prizes

Pokémon Go accumulated 45 million daily players within a month of launching in 2016 – but that number fell to just five million one year later. Now, branded AR treasure hunt Snatch is hoping to keep mobile gamers in the UK hooked to their screens by adding real world prizes to the mix.

Location United Kingdom

“I’m halfway to snatching a house!” says Daisy, a 23-year-old from Berkhamsted. “I just need two more keys and then I’ll be put in the prize draw.” [1] Excessive mobile gaming is commonly associated with stories of kids accidentally spending their parents’ money on in-app purchases, but free-to-play title Snatch inverts that narrative by offering real world rewards to dedicated players. But how exactly is it keeping people hooked?





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    Why do Britons play mobile games?

    Smartphones have transformed the gaming world, making it accessible to all ages and demographics. Yet beyond the low price point compared to dedicated consoles, why do people invest so much time in mobile titles? Canvas8 spoke with 20 Britons to discover why they’re catching Pokémon and flinging Angry Birds.

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    Long Game: taking a gamble on savings

    Americans are bad at saving, but considering that 57% of them play the lottery, it’s not due to a lack of money to save in the first place. The Long Game is a mobile app that wants people to feel excited at the prospect of building a nest egg in the same way they would when buying a lottery ticket.

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    Heads Up: shareable mobile gaming for the masses

    Video gaming has evolved from arcades to bedrooms to mobiles – and it’s now merging into the real world. Heads Up, which emerged from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, blurs the boundaries between screens and reality, letting people play a parlour game on their phone and share the results online.

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    Pokémon GO: the playground craze attracting all ages

    Gen Yers may have swapped playgrounds for office spaces and Gameboys for smartphones since the mid-’90s, but it seems they’re playing the same old games. What is it about Pokémon GO that’s gotten audiences of all ages hooked on a craze that many grew out of before the turn of the century?