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  • Fabulous photos in just a few taps and swipes
  • Fabulous photos in just a few taps and swipes
    Stefano Montagner, Creative commons (2015) ©

Meitu: an app for ultra-cute selfies

Meitu started off as a photo-editing app to create the perfect selfie, but has since evolved to let users to make themselves (and others) look wackily, disarmingly adorable. With social media fuelling an obsession for aesthetic perfection, what’s got people altering their appearance to the extreme?

Location Central - East Asia / North America

Picture Donald Trump with doe eyes and dewy cheeks addressing the nation from under a shower of cherry blossom petals. This photo manipulation, which went viral two days before the American president’s inauguration, was produced on Meitu, a Chinese photo-editing app originally built for perfect selfies. Now, as users become fixated on creating faultless Instagram shots, they’re becoming equally obsessed taking it to an extreme, turning themselves – and others – into unrecognisably cute caricatures.





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