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  • How have Gen Xers shaped British ‘coolness’?
  • How have Gen Xers shaped British ‘coolness’?
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Why Generation X are just the coolest

Gen X may be overlooked by marketers, but they've impacted everything from music to fashion to politics. Now that they’re in their 40s, they’ve replaced drug-fuelled raves with dinner and diapers – but that doesn't mean they're any less cool, as Tiffanie Darke, author of Now We Are 40, tells Canvas8.

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“I got the idea to write about Generation X when I moved from the editorial world into advertising and marketing,” says Tiffanie Darke, former editor of the Sunday Times Style Magazine and author of Now We Are 40. “I used to go to these meetings and everybody would bang on about Millennials, how cool they were, how different they were, how they loved artisan coffee and lumberjack shirts. Or they would go on about Boomers, and how they’re a really interesting demographic because they've got all the money and they all go trekking and swipe right on ...



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    Are Generation X the hardest workers?

    The slacker stereotype that clung to Gen Xers during their formative years has seemingly faded away, with surveys now suggesting that both their older and younger colleagues rank them as the hardest working employees and bosses. What makes this group so valuable in the workplace?

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    The Midult: a digital destination for Gen X women

    Gen X women are often ignored by brands, who tend to target Boomers and Gen Yers. But they have a lot of spending power that isn't being tapped into. Enter The Midult, a site dedicated to giving these women a voice and defying stereotypes about what it means to be a Gen Xer today.

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    What's got Gen X so worried?

    As Gen X reach middle age, they’re growing more concerned about their finances yet remain unprepared for retirement. Additionally, they’re setting off alarm bells with their health problems and heavy drinking. How did they get in such bad shape? And what can be done to address their varied crises?

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    What's got ‘rad dads’ picking up their skateboards?

    While the average skateboarder may be a 14-year-old male, a new breed of ‘rad dads’ has emerged in the US and UK. These men in their 30s, 40s and 50s represented 9% of the American skateboarding population in 2009, but what’s fuelling their interest in this extreme sport?