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  • How do smart devices fit into seniors’ lives?
  • How do smart devices fit into seniors’ lives?
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How are seniors using tech to stay independent?

People become more physically and mentally vulnerable as they grow older – but they don’t want to be treated as such. How can technology be used to help make seniors’ lives easier and more sociable, enabling them to stay independent while bringing comfort to their relatives and carers?

Location North America / Northern Europe

Faced with longer lifespans, elderly people are hoping to keep their independence for as long as possible; one in five Americans will be aged 65 or over by 2030, and 20% of this group were still working in 2014 – the highest proportion since the early ‘60s (when Medicare was introduced). [1][2]

While 87% of over-65s would prefer to ‘age in place’ (i.e. remaining in their homes rather than moving to a care facility), there are a number of barriers – like accessibility to services and community – that can prevent this. [3] The ...



  • Article image Breezie: making the internet easy for the elderly

    Adapting to new technologies can be difficult later in life, with the vast quantity of clutter and jargon making the digital world seem impenetrable for many elderly people. How is Breezie, with its specially designed Samsung tablets, making the internet stress-free for seniors?

  • Stitch is a social network for seniors Stitch is a social network for seniors

    The global population is growing older every year, and as more seniors get online, technology is becoming increasingly inclusive. Stitch marries together these factors with a social network for people aged 60 and above, geared towards finding companionship and friendship alike.

  • Article image How the UK’s silver surfers are spending time online

    There are 14.9 million people over the age of 60 in the UK and internet use among this demographic is growing. With more over-60s in the country than under-18s, digital Britain is shifting to cater to these silver surfers, but how are seniors spending their time on the internet?

  • Article image EasyFamily: safe and simple surfing for seniors

    The presumption that Gen Y and Z are driving social media uptake is past; 63% of over 70s spend 11 to 30 hours a week online. But how do you get people familiar with Facebook family banter, Skyping the grandkids and browsing Picasa albums? Will Family Ribbon be the business to get seniors surfing?