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  • How is Dice taking on the ticket touts?
  • How is Dice taking on the ticket touts?
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Dice: gig tickets without the middleman

Touts have been using marketplaces such as Viagogo and StubHub for years to flog oversubscribed concert tickets to music lovers at hugely hiked prices. Ticketing app Dice is on a quest to slay the industry’s money-grabbing monster once and for all by eliminating the middleman.

Location United Kingdom

Ticket touts have been around for years, but the digitisation of the music industry has amplified the problem. Public outcry around reselling tickets significantly above face value reached a climax in 2016, with artists including Adele and Elton John adding their voices to the furore, and over 80,000 people signing a petition that called for the government to work harder to protect fans from being ripped off. [1]

Driven by the idea of creating a fair and transparent ticketing platform, Phil Hutcheon, Mat Miller and John Sinclair co-founded Dice in 2014. The app empowers artists and fans ...



  • Article image What’s the future of ticketing?

    Gone are the days when you'd queue to buy a ticket for a concert, or wait for one to arrive in the post. As ticket touting grows into a money-grabbing monster and legitimate ticketing goes mobile, how we buy tickets for everything from train journeys to football matches is fundamentally changing.

  • A microchip season ticket for football fanatics A microchip season ticket for football fanatics

    Argentinian football club Atletico Tigre is planning on launching a microchip season ticket. Paperless tickets are already the norm in transport, leisure and at many cultural events, but would people be willing to swap tickets on their phones for chips under their skin?

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    After years of growth, the music streaming market has reached a turning point; Beats Music and Rdio have closed, while Spotify is facing up to higher licensing fees. Deezer has partnered with BandPage to let users to buy tickets and merch from artists, but can it please both fans and musicians?

  • Eventbrite’s wristbands could replace tickets Eventbrite’s wristbands could replace tickets

    No matter how well planned an event is, there are always going to be queues, be it for the bar, the toilets or the merch table. Ticketing platform Eventbrite is attempting to smooth this out, replacing its regular paper tickets with RFID wristbands that bring a whole host of advantages.