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  • Search in a snap
  • Search in a snap
    Leo Hidalgo, Creative Commons (2016) ©

Blipparsphere: a real-world visual search engine

From Instagram to emojis, the power of visuals over words in offering immediacy and access is intensifying. Now, instead of opening up Google or asking Siri a question, Blippar lets you discover a wealth of info through your phone’s camera. But are people ready to give up text when they search?

Location Northern Europe / Global

You’re on holiday and you spot a fruit you’ve never seen at a local market, but the language barrier between you and the locals makes finding out what it is fairly tricky. Blippar is an app that can tell you exactly what it is, as well as how you get into it, if it needs cooking, and what recipes it could be used in. And all you have to do is a snap a photo.

Instead of opening up Google or asking Siri to search for you, Blippar lets you hold your smartphone’s camera up to an object to ...



  • Snapchat is developing AR hardware Snapchat is developing AR hardware

    From the ubiquitous puppy filter to the flattering flower crown, Snapchat has allowed us all to become early adopters of augmented reality. Now, it seems the platform is seeking to move into hardware, joining the Bluetooth Special Interest Group ahead of the supposed launch of a pair of AR goggles.

  • Article image Pokémon GO: the playground craze attracting all ages

    Gen Yers may have swapped playgrounds for office spaces and Gameboys for smartphones since the mid-’90s, but it seems they’re playing the same old games. What is it about Pokémon GO that’s gotten audiences of all ages hooked on a craze that many grew out of before the turn of the century?

  • Article image Curalate: connecting pictures to purchases

    While the early web was all about text ‒ dominated by emails, forums and MSN Messenger ‒ it has since transformed into a highly visual landscape. So how can brands understand customers’ conversations when they communicate in images and not words? Can Curalate provide the answer?

  • Article image How emojis make digital communication more human

    With just 7% of communication being attributed to spoken words, and the remainder down to body language and tone of voice, it’s easy to see why communicating online has been described as cold and impersonal. Emoticons, emoji and stickers are helping make digital communication a bit more human.