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  • Making male beauty more accessible
  • Making male beauty more accessible
    Janssem Cardoso, Creative Commons (2014) ©

A Wanted Man: grooming with a manly facade

While 76% of men feel pressure to look good, seeing a bloke stroll into a brow bar or waxing salon could still raise an untamed brow or two. But London-based The Beauty Block has located both above A Wanted Man – a male-centric canteen that acts as an acceptable gateway to grooming.

Location United Kingdom

Being a man – or rather, being manly – isn’t what it used to be. Cleaning the house isn’t a woman’s job, feelings of anxiety aren’t exclusively female emotions and shopping for guyliner, man bags or hair products is a totally male-friendly pastime. But some of the old stereotypes endure, and many men still feel pressured to exude an image of old masculinity.

Brands are responding by reconciling the desires of the modern man with more traditional ideas of what being a man ‘should’ look like. Cillit Bang is using a mechanic to ...



  • Article image How is men's hair care growing?

    2015 was the year of the man bun, and as long hair and beards have become part of the mainstream, men are getting experimental. The male hair care product market is set to be worth £68 million by 2019, but what are the attitudes and spending patterns of these follically-focused blokes?

  • Article image ZV2: luxury skincare for male beauty novices

    From luxurious skincare to boutique shaving parlours, male grooming is booming. A slew of new products and services are emerging to meet the demands of time-poor, image-conscious men, but can ZV2, an expensive, hassle-free serum, become the go-to skincare brand for beauty novices?

  • The ‘man bun’ goes mainstream The ‘man bun’ goes mainstream

    In 2013, a men's hairstyle cropped up among Shoreditch hipsters, and on the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles and Leonardo di Caprio. Hair scraped back and tied into a knot; it's called the 'man bun'. And it's a style that's now challenging stereotypes by going mainstream.

  • Article image MMUK MAN: Putting the guy in guyliner

    Masculinity is more attractive than ever. With more than three million men in Britain admitting to wearing make-up – from bronzer to blusher to foundation – the male cosmetics market is booming. But what’s driving this cultural shift? And are men concealing their usage as well as their skin?