The ‘man bun’ goes mainstream
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Sep 17, 2015
The ‘man bun’ goes mainstream

In 2013, a men's hairstyle cropped up among Shoreditch hipsters, and on the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles and Leonardo di Caprio. Hair scraped back and tied into a knot; it's called the 'man bun'. And it's a style that's now challenging stereotypes by going mainstream.

The ‘Mansome Maps’ survey by West Coast Shaving, which used Google Trends data to assess male grooming trends over the past ten years, showed that both beards and man buns have seen an increase in buzz since 2014. The popularity of man buns has spiked in 2015. Brands like ManBands have popped up, offering hair accessories for men, and searching ‘man bun’ on YouTube brings up 170,000 tutorials.