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  • Knorr plays matchmaker for foodies
  • Knorr plays matchmaker for foodies
    Knorr (2016) ©

Love At First Taste: Knorr flirts with flavour

Knorr’s #LoveAtFirstTaste campaign sees it pair up Gen Yers based on flavour preferences. The result is as awkward as it is intimate, and an accompanying Flavour Profiler tool means you can find your perfect match too. But can a stock cube brand appeal to a group used to swiping right for romance?

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Knorr has long been a household name in the kitchen; its stock cubes, pasta sauces and gravy pots are used by more than 320 million people around the world every day. [1] It’s now looking to spice things up for a younger audience with a campaign that matches potential couples up by flavour.





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