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  • Are Boomers total technophobes?
  • Are Boomers total technophobes?
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UK Boomers on Technology

Boomers may be on their way to retirement, but they take pride in staying young – and tech is increasingly a part of that. Canvas8 sat down with Brits between the ages of 50 and 69 to find out what tech they couldn’t live without and how they really feel about devices at the dinner table.

Location United Kingdom

Boomers may be digital immigrants, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know a thing or two when it comes to devices. In fact, this group is estimated to be responsible for 40% of spending on technology. [1] And more than three-quarters (76%) consider themselves as average technology users, with just 17% claiming to be novices. [2]

But this generation feels underserved and overlooked. While plenty of industries have something to answer for when it comes to ignoring older adults, technology is one of the greatest offenders; 43% of over-50s feel patronised by tech brands and 32% ...



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    Windows 10: a slow and steady software revolution

    There’s a quiet revolution happening in the desktop OS market. It won’t be splashed across the pages of tech publications or spreads in glossy magazines, but the uptake of Windows 10 is as significant as any glitzy wearable tech device. So what’s got everyone upgrading to Windows 10?

  • Older people are letting mobiles disrupt mealtimes

    Older people are letting mobiles disrupt mealtimes

    There's nothing worse than someone constantly being on their phone. But while many think of this as a teenaged habit, there's been a 9% increase in the number of over-65s accessing the internet since 2012. And they're even more distracted by their devices than their younger counterparts.

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    ENJOY: Delivering technology with an expert touch

    Founded by Apple’s former retail boss Ron Johnson, ENJOY is an online consumer electronics retailer with a twist. Each product is hand-delivered by an ‘Expert’, who will spend an hour teaching you how to use it at no extra cost. Could ENJOY’s specialists become the new normal?

  • Millennials aren't really digital natives

    Millennials aren't really digital natives

    Some claim that digital natives are people born after the original Star Wars trilogy in 1983 - but research has found that adults in Britain aged 15 to 24 are no more likely to participate in a variety of key digital behaviours than their elders.