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  • Do we use things to replace the people in our lives?
  • Do we use things to replace the people in our lives?
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Moving on! The science of disposable culture

A quarter of Americans have migrated domestically, but while starting over can be cathartic, could a disposable attitude towards objects affect how we think about people? Dr. Omri Gillath, author of ‘Generalising Disposability’, explains how our relationships with objects and each other are intertwined.

Location Global

You’ve landed your dream job, and while it comes with every perk imaginable and a sizeable raise, it means you have to move cities. Again. Once for college, once back home. And now you’re going to have to start over again.

Moving up in the modern world can often mean moving around. A global Gallup survey of internal migration found that 24% of American adults had moved within the country between 2008 and 2013. This is comparable to rates in other advanced economies like New Zealand (26%), Finland (23%), and Norway (22%). [1]

What this means is ...



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    Third Culture Kids: growing up a global nomad

    Where are you from? It’s a seemingly safe question to ask most people, but for Third Culture Kids the answer is not that easy. The discrepancy between where they were born and where they feel they belong is vast. Raised in an assortment of cultures, how do their backgrounds affect who they are?

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    I’m the best! The science of bragging

    You’ve just won a pitch. A big one. But who actually wants to hear about it? Canvas8 sat down with Dr. Irene Scopelliti, co-author of ‘You Call It ‘Self-Exuberance’; I Call It ‘Bragging’’, to understand why we show off and why we underestimate the negative effects of self-promotion.

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    Lufthansa Bedtime Stories: keeping business travellers connected to their kids

    Parents can regret the lack of quality time spent with their kids – a guilt that’s magnified for those who travel for work. Lufthansa is helping parents relieve this guilt by installing recording studios at departure gates in airports. But do kids want a bedtime story sent straight from the terminal?

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    The psychology of the bromance

    From the rise of metrosexuals – all man bags and make-up – to the growing prominence of gay sports stars, masculinity has evolved to be barely recognisable from its old school counterpart. But how has male friendship evolved with it? And what role does it play in the lives of modern men?