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  • Preserving the Earth with a cleaner, greener diet
  • Preserving the Earth with a cleaner, greener diet
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Can a sustainable diet save the planet?

The global shift to a Western diet rich in meat and dairy is putting unprecedented pressure on the planet to feed a growing population. Could a more sustainable diet resolve health and hunger crises around the world? And would people really be willing to switch to a greener menu?

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The idea of the sustainable diet is slowly gaining traction among consumers, businesses and governments. Often summarised as ‘more plants, less but higher quality meat, and less processed food’, these meals can help improve public health and the environment, while also offering opportunities for companies that enable people to shift to greener food choices.

The proliferation of the Western diet – high in meat, dairy and processed food – has contributed to the spread of lifestyle-related illnesses such as obesity, type two diabetes and heart disease. But what exactly is a sustainable diet? And what will convince people to ...



  • Tracking your carbon footprint in real time

    Tracking your carbon footprint in real time

    People are more eco-conscious than ever. But with less than half of UK adults believing their efforts to limit their impact on climate change are worthwhile, the lack of habit changing data leaves many unmotivated. Enter Worldbeing – a wearable that tracks your carbon footprint in real-time.

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    Kiezkaufhaus: hassle-free shopping that’s hyperlocal

    Online shopping may be convenient, but it often makes little logistical sense to undercut local businesses and add to the already massive delivery carbon footprint. German online retail start-up Kiezkaufhaus wants to solve this problem, offering same-day delivery from stores local to customers.

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    Who eats raw?

    The raw food movement isn't clear-cut; some are keen to keep it simple, others want to elevate it to gourmet grub. But with an abundance of products labelled raw in health food stores, has ‘raw’ become a label in itself? Who are these raw foodies and why do they prefer their food uncooked?

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    Are we all ready to start veggin' out?

    Only 3% of the UK population identify as vegetarian. But thanks to a switch in tactics, the movement is gaining pace – and a weekly slot in people's stomachs. Can meat-free Michelin-starred restaurants, celebrity chefs, and veg delivery services cure people's appetite for meat?