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  • Is Hivehaus the solution to the UK’s housing crisis?
  • Is Hivehaus the solution to the UK’s housing crisis?
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Hivehaus: building your own micro-home

Getting a foot on the property ladder can be one of the most daunting tasks facing young adults today. With the price-to-space ratio becoming increasingly distorted, we often find ourselves paying eye-watering prices for a shoebox. Is there a solution? Hivehaus might just offer a way out.

Location United Kingdom

With fierce competition over even the most poky and overpriced accommodation, it’s becoming more and more tempting for young adults to duck out of the housing game altogether. Could prefabricated micro-housing be the solution? Hivehaus is modular housing based on the structure of a beehive, consisting of hexagonal units that can be fitted together in a variety of combinations. But are Brits really willing to give up the safety and security of traditional bricks and mortar?





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