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  • Who needs pushups when you can fly instead?
  • Who needs pushups when you can fly instead?
    Icaros (2015) ©

Icaros: a workout for both body and mind

Whether swooping over sprawling landscapes or careering through space, an hour spent on Icaros – a virtual reality at-home gym that claims to exercise both mind and body – promises to be a truly holistic workout. Is this what the future of fitness looks like, or is it just another VR gimmick?

Location Global / Western Europe

Have you ever wanted to deep sea dive? Or to see the world from a bird’s eye view, zipping through clouds and over sprawling landscapes? Perhaps you’d prefer to leave this planet, ducking and rolling through meteor fragments and orbital debris in the vast expanse of space?

Any one of these scenarios might sound like something from a dream, but actually they’re the optional backdrops of workout plans on Icaros; a virtual reality at-home gym. Who needs squats and floor presses when you can fly through a fantasy instead?





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