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  • What does modern Brazilian cuisine look like?
  • What does modern Brazilian cuisine look like?
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How Brazilians got a taste for gourmet

The first South American Michelin Guide highlights 17 restaurants based in Brazil, putting the country's cuisine squarely on the map. From food truck festivals to gourmet burgers with a South American twist, the new Brazilian flavour goes far beyond beans and rice. So what’s getting served up?

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There’s nothing like a Michelin Guide mention to show that your food is being taken seriously. And with 17 restaurants in the first South American Michelin Guide, Brazilian cuisine has officially put its stamp on the culinary map. While no restaurant received the prestigious three stars, São Paulo’s D.O.M, run by chef and former DJ Alex Atala, received two – marking it as an eatery well worth making a journey for. [1]

Atala regularly sources his ingredients from the Amazon, in an acknowledgement of the abundance of produce available in Brazil. It’s a far ...



  • Article image Sonoma: educating Brazil’s sommeliers-in-training

    Beer and caipirinhas may be popular in Brazil, but the natives are now just as likely to order a soft and woody Chilean or a large, cool glass of Argentinian Torrontés. But with only 37% of Brazilians feeling confident in their wine knowledge, can Sonoma help educate these wannabe sommeliers?

  • Brazil's appetite for health food grows Brazil's appetite for health food grows

    60% of Brazilians say they exercise to stay in shape, while 41% ensure vegetables make up half of every meal. The Brazilian health food market might be underdeveloped right now, but with interest in health and nutrition growing across the country, it’s poised for expansion.

  • Tapioca gets a tasty revamp Tapioca gets a tasty revamp

    Along with rice pudding and semolina, tapioca is up there with strangely-textured school desserts despised by British kids of a bygone era. But now the humble cassava root starch is enjoying its moment in the limelight, as everyone from Michelin-star chefs to Instagram teens eat it up. 

  • Article image Brazil explores new drinking heights

    When it comes to drinking, Brazilians thirst for quality as well as quantity. They’re consuming more alcoholic drinks than ever, and becoming more adventurous in their choices. As the industry continues to grow, what does the beer – and cachaça – taste like at the top?