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  • Are chemical-filled acrylics no longer cool?
  • Are chemical-filled acrylics no longer cool?
    Kim Piper Werker (2014) ©

Missy Lui: manicures for eco-friendly Aussies

Getting a manicure is a regular treat for many Australians, but are chemical-filled acrylics no longer cool? Since 2012, the number of organic beauty salons has increased 20%. Missy Lui is Australia’s first vegan certified nail salon. But when it comes to getting a mani and pedi, do people really care about the nasties hidden in their polish?

Location Australia

The organic trend is well and truly established. Wholefoods have been so staunchly assimilated into the healthy-living vernacular that in 2015, kale and quinoa feel old-hat. [1] The rise of brands like Lululemon and Soulcyle in 2014 reiterated our obsession with honing and purifying our bodies as part of the pursuit for aesthetic beauty. So why has this not extended to the way we treat our nails? If we’re going to such lengths to maintain our physical selves, why are we happy to sit in a fume-filled salon, surrounded by acrylic dust and the noxious chemicals ...



  • Get a gluten-free beauty regime Get a gluten-free beauty regime

    Gluten-free? Dairy-free? Vegan? Everyone seems to have a dietary requirement. And although only 1% of Americans are coeliac, sales of gluten-free foods have risen 68% since 2012. As more people convinced they are sensitive to gluten, beauty brands are launching gluten-free products too.

  • Article image Why going Down Under is good for your health

    The travel industry thrives on the pursuit of happiness, but just how far will people go to ensure they are healthy as well? All the way to Australia, as it turns out. The healthy holiday industry is now worth $438.6 billion a year, and Australia is enticing travellers with its ‘wild bush luxury’, ‘indigenous ingredients’ and health-focussed hotels.

  • Article image Frank: a natural body scrub that talks dirty

    One in ten women can’t go a day without using an exfoliating product. Frank is a coffee body scrub born in Australia, with natural credentials and a ‘cheeky personality’ that encourages its fans to post semi-naked selfies. But can it become a hit with Gen Y women worldwide?

  • Article image Believe Cereal: a beauty regime in a bowl

    Morning beauty regimes often leave no time for food; over 40% of UK adults skip breakfast. Believe ‘beauty cereal’ is packed with vitamins to nourish hair, skin and nails. The nutricosmetic market will be worth over $4 billion by 2017, but can we really eat our way to beauty?