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  • Why do we pay more attention if there’s a cute animal?
  • Why do we pay more attention if there’s a cute animal?
    Will Vanlue, Creative Commons (2009) ©

Why it’s raining cats and dogs in the ad world

The ad industry has fallen in love with cute animals. McVitie’s offers up 'Sweeet' kittens and puppies, O2 has a cat acting canine, and Three has featured both a moonwalking pony and a hilariously-dressed pug. But why do puppies, ponies and penguins mean such serious business?

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In the last few years, the advertising industry has fallen in love with cute animals. McVitie’s ‘Sweeet’ adverts star kittens and puppies, O2’s Be More Dog campaign features a cat acting canine; and IKEA released 100 cats inside a store for its Happy Inside ad. Three has really embraced the trend, featuring no less than a singing kitten, a moonwalking pony, and a hilariously-dressed pug.

While these ads are undoubtedly adorable, they can actually have a genuine effect on the bottom line. Cadbury’s drumming gorilla increased sales of Dairy Milk by 9%, Compare the Market’s meerkats reduced the ...



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