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  • Remixing the traditional pizzeria with nightclubs and bars
  • Remixing the traditional pizzeria with nightclubs and bars
    Voodoo Ray's (2013) ©

Party food: late night eating at Voodoo Ray's

In a high-pressure culture, traditional routines are dissolving as people look for services that fit around their schedule. Voodoo Ray’s fuses a premium pizzeria with a bar and nightclub.

Location United Kingdom--London

In a culture of over-achievement where pressure is high, traditional routines are set aside in favour of slotting work and play into the schedule wherever and whenever they will fit. As necessary consumptions (eating, drinking, sleeping) become sporadic occurrences, the once-concrete cornerstones of breakfast, lunch and dinner are dissolving.

As people respond by demanding fresh, quality food any time and anywhere, the market is shifting – pubs are serving breakfasts, train stations are becoming mini food emporiums and now, in Dalston, the epicentre of East London’s expanding nightlife scene, the disco and takeaway are fusing in Voodoo Ray’s ...