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  • GM: From ownership to access
  • Are we moving from an ownership society to an access society?
    General Motors, Creative Commons (2012) ©

Rent it: GM rethink ownership

General Motors are giving six million drivers the chance to rent out their cars to others, showing how brands can capitalise on a consumer shift from ownership to access.

Location North America

In dense urban areas, people's desire to save money, time and space is manifesting on thriving peer-to-peer networks, where access to goods is replacing the need to own them.

Peer-to-peer sharing has already changed music (file-sharing), travel accommodation (Airbnb), the workplace (Loosecubes), art (TurningArt), and even parking spaces (Park At My House). Now, it’s about to redefine the automotive industry as a bold endorsement from automotive giant General Motors could see six million Americans suddenly leasing their cars for ...