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  • AB InBev ad instills hope for future social gatherings
  • AB InBev ad instills hope for future social gatherings
    Anheuser-Busch | Youtube (2021) ©

AB InBev ad instills hope for future social gatherings

Amid the pandemic, a beer with friends has become a cherished memory. Looking to a future where gatherings are back on the cards, AB InBev’s Super Bowl spot shines a light on the importance of simply being together. With a renewed appreciation for connection, beer takes a backseat.



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    COVID-19 saw many small businesses across the US fear for their survival, but Texan beer fans have stepped up to support their local craft breweries. How have producers adapted to the challenges posed by the crisis? And what did the pandemic reveal about the value of community in the sector?

  • Heineken's 'Holiday Hacks' inspire festive creativity Heineken's 'Holiday Hacks' inspire festive creativity

    Heineken is giving new meaning to ‘craft beer’ with a holiday campaign focused on arts and crafts at home, with video tutorials on how to repurpose empty cans into decoration. With people likely to try to be thriftier this holiday season, brands have an opportunity to enable creativity.

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    Motivated by health and wellness, and turned off by an old-fashioned binge drinking culture, Gen Yers are drinking less and on the lookout for drinks that provide a buzz, but don’t leave any regrets the next day.

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    COVID-19 has accelerated a shift in boozing habits, with the closure of restaurants and pubs making at-home alcohol consumption the norm. But how are people replicating social drinking moments online, and how can alcohol brands participate in these occasions to earn long-term loyalty?