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  • Heinz ballpark hot dog kit roots for the at-home team
  • Heinz ballpark hot dog kit roots for the at-home team
    Mollie Merritt (2020) ©

Heinz ballpark hot dog kit roots for the at-home team

Kraft Heinz is offering baseball fans the chance to get their hands on iconic stadium-style ketchup dispensers, affording them a piece of the ballpark experience at home. With sports fans in the US pining for baseball season, Heinz’s promotion keeps them engaged and excited for future events.



  • Avatar fans add atmosphere to baseball broadcasts Avatar fans add atmosphere to baseball broadcasts

    Live sports fixtures may be returning to screens but visions of empty stadiums are sucking some of the atmosphere out of sports-viewing. As leagues look to re-engage fans and restore normality to broadcasting, Major League Baseball is introducing 3D avatar fans to fill empty seats.

  • Article image Is digital-first fandom the new state of play?

    With most live games cancelled and major international tournaments postponed, many sports fans sought out digital alternatives while COVID-19 kept them in their homes. As lockdown measures end and play resumes, which elements of virtual fandom are likely to stick around post-pandemic?

  • Article image What shapes the journey to sports fandom?

    Game attendance may be in decline, but sports fans are still as passionate and engaged as ever. Whether it’s live-streaming a game or following a team on TikTok, there are so many ways to be a fan. Canvas8 spoke to sports psychologist Dr. Dan Wann to understand how sports fandom is evolving.

  • Article image What does it mean to be a fan in the digital era?

    With digital channels offering them increased access to their heroes, casual supporters and ‘stans’ alike are embracing novel ways of showing their devotion to celebs and sports teams. How are these passionate individuals forging new cultural tribes and changing expectations of fan interactions?