What does it mean to be a fan in the digital era?
14 Feb 2020
What does it mean to be a fan in the digital era?

With digital channels offering them increased access to their heroes, casual supporters and ‘stans’ alike are embracing novel ways of showing their devotion to celebs and sports teams. How are these passionate individuals forging new cultural tribes and changing expectations of fan interactions?

Carrie Dunn

Carrie Dunn is a writer, lecturer, and academic specialising in women’s football and fandom within football. She has written books on professional wrestling in Britain as well as two books on the England women’s football team – ‘The Roar of the Lionesses’ and ‘The Pride of the Lionesses’.

Martin Belam

Martin Belam is a journalist and designer. He helped Trinity Mirror develop UsVsTh3m, Ampp3d, and Mirror Row Zed, and now works at The Guardian as head of user experience. He has previously worked as a digital consultant and wrote and edited books for the Guardian Shorts series about the Olympics, Facebook, and Doctor Who.

Kate Carter

Kate Carter is a writer, journalist, presenter, editor, and brand consultant. She covers all lifestyle subjects, with a particular focus on health and fitness, and has written for The Guardian, Observer, Independent, Runner's World, Lonely Planet, and many more. She also presents for the Running Channel and gives regular seminars for Guardian Masterclasses.