Restaurant for one satisfies foodies’ dining cravings
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May 7, 2020
Restaurant for one satisfies foodies’ dining cravings

A makeshift 'restaurant' in Sweden is offering solo diners the chance to enjoy a meal while adhering to social distancing advice. As people miss life's little pleasures during lockdown, brands can find innovative ways to safely satisfy consumers' wishes for novel and indulgent experiences.

While Sweden has not imposed a lockdown, people are encouraged to socially distance, so former chef Rasmus Persson and his partner have opened a one-guest restaurant in a meadow outside their house in Värmland, for those wishing to satisfy their craving for a dining out experience. Named Bord för En, which translates to 'a table for one', the restaurant serves home-cooked, vegetarian food, brought to the guests via a zipline. Guests can choose from a three-course breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and a seasonal mocktail. The owners advertise the restaurant as the ultimate experience in private dining with “no wait staff and no other guests”, as well as being “perhaps the only dining room in the world that is completely secured against COVID-19.”