Why are Britons embracing solo dining?
8 Nov 2019
Why are Britons embracing solo dining?

Eating alone used to be a sad affair. But thanks to Britons getting more comfortable with their own company and an uptick in solo-dining restaurants and single-serving cooking approaches, dining by yourself is now de rigueur. So how can brands tap into the food and drink ‘aloneness economy’?

Marina van Goor

Marina van Goor is the founder of creative design company MVGCA and the brains behind Eenmaal, the world’s first restaurant designed for solo diners.

Dr. Thuy-vy Nguyen

Dr. Thuy-vy Nguyen, is an assistant professor in the department of psychology at the University of Durham, and an expert on solitude.

Tessa Clarke

Tessa Clarke is the co-founder of food-sharing app Olio.

Emma Sheppard

Emma Sheppard is a journalist specialising in business, technology, family and social affairs. As well as Canvas8, her work has appeared in The Guardian, Wired, BBC Worldwide, The Independent and more.