'Did They Help?' ranks brands by their pandemic behaviour
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Apr 28, 2020
'Did They Help?' ranks brands by their pandemic behaviour

Volunteers across the world have created a website that scores corporations and public figures according to the deeds they’ve done during the pandemic. The crisis has heightened consumers’ expectations of brand behaviour, which is set to put them under more scrutiny even after the pandemic.

Did They Help? is an online database that compiles information about the actions of corporations and public figures during the coronavirus. It works by applauding the positive and calling out the inappropriate behaviours of major global actors including companies, celebrities, and athletic teams. The site is run by a team of volunteers whose aim is to help “people make better, more informed decisions in the future about where they spend their money and who they invest in.” After the coronavirus pandemic, the team would like to expand the project “and rank corporations and public figures on other world issues such as global warming, child labour and more.”