COVID-19 makes people value hygiene over sustainability
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Apr 27, 2020
COVID-19 makes people value hygiene over sustainability

Organic and sustainable homecare products may have been on the rise pre-pandemic, but as hygiene becomes a top priority, people are bringing a new set of demands to domestic maintenance. Brands in the home space have the opportunity to pivot to meet these shifting preferences.

Research from Nielsen has found that natural and sustainable product claims, as well as quality and brand reputation, are losing some of their potency as purchase drivers due to an increased consumer preference for hygiene. While positioning a home product as sustainably-sourced or organic might once have scored highly among shoppers, product claims focused on killing germs, providing immunity, and promoting overall health feel more relevant in the context of a global health crisis. "The pandemic has dramatically changed how consumers everywhere behave and shop... Organic and sustainability claims may return to the forefront down the road, but the only way to be able to adjust when the time comes is to stay informed," reads a Nielsen post on the research.