Gen Z parents want climate change taught in schools
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Apr 26, 2019
Gen Z parents want climate change taught in schools

Studies show that the majority of parents want more teaching on climate change in schools, though teachers are prevented from doing this due to state law and a lack of resources. To tackle this, teens are turning online and engaging in social activism to educate themselves on this important issue.

A poll by NPR/Ipsos revealed that 80% of American parents want climate change to be taught in schools. Despite the fact that climate change is considered a global emergency, only 45% of US parents are talking about the issues with their children. However, the education gap is not being filled by teachers, with over half (55%) saying they do not cover climate change in their classrooms or engagement with students on the topic. 74% of them agree in theory that schools should teach it, but 65% cite the barrier being that it’s outside their subject, and 17% don’t believe that they know enough about it or have the necessary resources available.