Amazon's Christmas trees offer seasonal convenience
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Sep 14, 2018
Amazon's Christmas trees offer seasonal convenience

Amazon has announced it will be making further inroads into the seasonal market by stocking Christmas trees. For many, this may be a welcome convenience – especially those living in urban areas – but for others, the unsentimental nature of one-click tree delivery means they'll pass.

Amazon has been pushing hard to corner the convenience market with ventures such as Prime Pantry, Amazon Fresh and Amazon Basic Care. As part of this, the retailer will begin selling Christmas trees from November 2018 – all felled, cut and delivered within ten days, with a regular 7ft tree set to cost around $115. The announcement set the Twitterverse abuzz, with people saying it will relieve a small stress during one of the busiest times of the year, but others believe it could potentially threaten the livelihoods of seasonal workers, who count on the additional income over the festive period.