Shoppers are more demanding over Christmas
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Dec 12, 2016
Shoppers are more demanding over Christmas

Christmas shopping is stressful, and nobody wants to brave going into busy stores to get presents. But while going online seems like the easy alternative, people are becoming more demanding during the holiday period. They want retailers to ensure delivery is both speedy and accurate.

During the festive period, 78% of people have higher expectations for on-time and accurate delivery compared to other times during year. Additionally, 84% say their expectations are higher this year for online retailers than they have been in previous years. With 36.7% of shoppers now using next day delivery – compared to 33.8% who opt for economy – it's clear that people are becoming more demanding.

Digital retail sales are expected to increase 25% over this Christmas period, and it's important for brand to pay attention to people’s demands – or risk missing out on the festive rush. After all, 35.4% of people say they'll abandon a retailer after receiving just one incorrect item. “Although few US retailers promise delivery within two days of an order being placed, there's clearly an increased expectation for speed and accuracy. Call it the ‘Amazon Prime effect,'” says Keith Phillips, CEO of Voxware, which conducted the research. “New standards have been set, and retailers need to meet or exceed them, or risk being passed over by consumers.”