More Americans begin online shopping trips with Amazon
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Oct 2, 2017
More Americans begin online shopping trips with Amazon

Want a new pair of trainers? Looking to replace your vacuum cleaner? No matter what Americans are looking to buy, over half of online shoppers start their journey with Amazon. The research also shows that less people are starting their spending spree with Google.

A survey commissioned by e-commerce startup BloomReach found that 55% of Americans begin their online shopping trips on Amazon. It's a significant rise from last year, when 44% of online shoppers said they went to Amazon first. This rise has occurred in parallel with a 6% drop in people starting their shopping journey on search engines down to just 28%. Over the same period there was also a decline from 21% to 16% in the number of people going straight to a non-Amazon retailer’s website. The shift towards shopping directly on Amazon poses a challenge for Google, which makes revenue from selling targeted ads based on search results.